We manufacture and sell products for small-scale wood processing and forestry.
With over 25 years experience to produce and sell practical and efficient sawmill with top quality, our products are now strong brands around the world.

More and more people discover how fun and profitable it is to actually be able to further refine their own forest. Bamsesagen is a one-man sawmill which is very easy to use.

BAMSESAGEN – A flexible sawmill!
- Chainsaw, Circularsaw & Log house moulder!

The Bamsesagen is a swedish made sawmill, is famous for its robust design, good quality and its low maintenance.

The saw is constructed and designed for continous cutting. Sawframe is made of steel, sawbar and the log beds are completely made in stainless steel. This means that the frame can handle big log weights and have a very high resistance to corrosion.

Our customers typically use Bamsesagen as a stationary sawmill, but is also easy to move. With our 4-stroke patrol engines, you can use the sawmill where there is no electricity available.

The saw has a very high accuracy, you will be impressed! The ripping chain and guide bar is thinner than normal and gives a smooth sawn surface, almost as planed.

The same frame can also supplemet with a Log House Moulder and an circularsaw that increases capacity significantly. The Bamsesagen is a very compact equipment with great potential.

You can handle everything by yourself, choose the lengths and dimensions that you want to saw. Everything from a millimeter thin sheets of wood into large blocks.

Description of Bamsesagen sawmill

The Bamsesagen sawmill is built to cut logs into blocks, planks and boards.
The Bamsesagen sawmill consists of a frame with beam lenghts of 6,7 and 9 meter, (Custom made up to 18meter)
with one or more saw units and routers.

Several saw and router units can be mounted on the frame.
•A chain saw to cut logs into blocks, planks and boards
•A circular saw for higher efficent, cut blocks into planks and boards
•A router to plane and fry for a timber blocks for log houses

Simple sawing description

1. A log is placed on the frame.
2. Whit the log lifters, the log is rised to the decided height.
3. The chainsaw is used to cut off the ”slab”. Next step is to turn the sawn side towards the log side rest. By doing this, next cut will be 90 degrees to the first cut.
4. This is repeted to obtain a square block that can be sawed into the desired dimensions.


•The sawmill offers all types of sawing
•Simple feeding speed adjustment
•Log-tensioner prevents the log rotates during cutting
•Simple and safe atachment for edging work


•Chain speed at 20-21 m/sec
•The log lifters height is set quickly and easily whit only one crank
•Settings and readings done quickly with clear scales
•Log lengths of up to 8,6 meters in standard design
•Guide bars length of 40, 50, 60 and 90cm

Ergonomics & Settings

•The Bamsesagen is designed for the best possible working environment for the user
•Level setting of the log bed are made using an adjusting crank. The settings is stepless but locking is done using a mm adjusting advice.
•The log beds is raised and lowered parallel to the desired level. So this is a very fast and safe measurement setup
•If the butt end needs adjusting this is done simply by locking the top end of the log lifter and lowering the butt end of the log lifter to the required level using the adjusting crank
•Two or three side stops with mm/inch scales are fitted to the frame
•A digital reading scale is available as an additional extra

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